Mar 06, 2020 Adult

The Sex Toys Hygiene

Favorite sex toy party client was puzzled by something very awkward. She and her husband love to play with sex toys, they always strive to try new ones, but they always return to their usual favorites on the nightstand. Problem: His “regular customers” seemed to create a problem for him.

Some asked questions include:

  • Do you wash your sex toys with soap and water before and after each use?
  • If so, are they in a place where they can come in contact with a lot of dust or other particles?
  • Are your toys made of jelly, soft rubber, cyber leather, and / or other porous materials?
  • What type of lubricant do you usually use? Is it water based? Is it flavored, flavored, colored?Valm

These are all important questions and things to consider in a healthy game with sex toys and other mating devices. Most modern wonders have magnificent textures and new materials that make them so attractive to feel and touch. The problem is that if they are not made of very hard plastic, silicone, metal or glass, they are porous. And, if they are not kept absolutely clean, unpleasant little things can grow in porous textures and, therefore, contain harmful bacteria.

Water and soap are always safe, especially if your toy is waterproof. But at the hottest moment, you don’t want to ask yourself the question: “My little beloved was washing for the last time?” and then run to the bathroom while your partner takes five and sings a starry shiny banner. This is a sure way to destroy the passion and game of the moment.

Another thing to consider is what type of lubricant to use. And if you’re a woman, always use a lubricant with a sex toy! You truly believe that the best type of “everyday” lubricant is water-based, odorless and colorless. This is especially important if you are sensitive to topical lotions or cosmetics in general.Oil-based Valm lubricants are generally more popular for men, but women should never use them insideany hint of bacteria remains lubricated and difficult to remove completely.


Flavored greases can be fun, but they should really be kept for special occasions. In addition, they should not be used inside a woman and be sure to wash them with plenty of water shortly after the game. It is always best to make sure that they are water based and avoid everything that has sugar in their base in order to sweeten things.